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Papers on solid phase organic synthesis published in 1994

This list is arranged by the name of the first author. Any omissions, mistakes and inconsistencies please communicate to the authors of compilation (michal@5z.com). (If you are pointing to any reference, please use its ID# -- the last number in the reference.) You are welcome to use this compilation in your work. Proper way to quote it in your paper is: Lebl M., Leblova Z.: Dynamic database of references in molecular diversity. Internet http://www.5z.com.

Recently added entries are marked in bold

  1. Altava, B., Burguete, M.I., & Luis, S.V. (1994) Functionalization of polystyrene resins with chiral fragments derived from tartaric acid. Tetrahedron, 50, 7535-7542. #1095

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