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Software at PSP?

PSP is a distributor of several useful software packages:

Peptide Companion

Program for peptide chemists. Calculates: Molecular weights, elemental analysis results, amino acid composition, mass spectral fragmentation

Predicts: HPLC behavior of peptides, difficult sequences to synthesize, conformational parameters of peptides/proteins, enzymatic or chemical degradation, composition of peptide or nonpeptide library, amino acid composition from M.W.

In addition it: finds problems in mass spectra, evaluates peptide content in lyophilizate based on elemental analysis, translates one letter code to/from three letter code, serves as database of hundreds of peptides, serves as database of protecting groups and other abbreviations

Peptide Expert

This program is still in the development phase. It serves as a guide in synthesis of peptide arrays and libraries

Cavro Pump Driver

Simple program for Pocket PC allowing operation of Cavro syringe pump and smart valve. It can create and execute simple commands as well as complex scripts.

Syringe Synthesis Support Software (S4)

Program for managing synthesis in bar coded syringes. Still in development.

Copyright (c) 2004 Prompt Scientific Publishing.