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Refrigerator GO

Why Donít You Turn Your Refrigerator Into GO Analytical Tool?

Very simple GO board with the set of magnetic stones (2x150 for 19x19 and 2x40 for 9x9) to teach the game, replay the most interesting games, solve problems, or just enjoy a particular situation. The size is 20 by 30 inches and you can from two styles - plain black grid on white background, or grid with the "wood" background. We offer 19 x 19 or 9 x 9 boards. The cost is $65.00 (plus $15.00 for shipping - we use USPS).

At this moment this product is discontinued. However, if you need the simple board which you can attach to the metal surface, you can save the file as jpg file or as pdf file which you can order to be printed by any photo processing shop (e.g. Costco, shutterfly, snapfish, ...). Than you order magnetic sheet and cut your stones from that (you can get that from Amazon).

19x19 "wood"

9x9 "wood"

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