Tucson Go Club

Why ?
Because it is Go! Isn't that enough?

Who Are We ?
We are a group of dedicated go players. We come from all walks of life, and we represent the whole range of human ages. Anyone with a passion for go, or just curious to learn is welcome to come, and meet with us. Go is a passion which pumps through our veins, and we act accordingly. Come and join us for a few tesujis. If you are coming to Tucson, and want to see who is going to be at any particular club meeting just send e-mail to the clubs mailing list tucsongo-list@5z.com , and you will reach all the members of the club who are on the internet, and they can tell you who will be there. The chances are someone is going to be there, but if you want to know who exactly just check.

When ?
Every Wednesday at 8:00 PM, until about 12:00 PM or later. (Wednesday meetings happen yearlong.)
Every Saturday at 8:00 PM, until about 12:00 PM or later. (Saturday meetings happen yearlong.)

(We stay past midnight more often than not, but we can't guarantee staying until certain time without prior arrangement. On Wednesdays and Saturdays we occasionaly start earlier than 8 PM, but that is not guaranteed either, and if you want to come before 8 PM, then you need to have arrangement with us about that by email, phone, or at a previous meeting otherwise people will most likely show up between 8 PM and 8:30 PM. By 9 PM most people are there for most meetings. But you can usually start playing someone around 8:30 PM.)

Where ?
STILL HERE : On Wednesdays we meet at IHOP (International House of Pancakes) at 1500 W. Grant Rd. , which is located on Grant just west of I-10 highway. You can click here for a map from IHOP.

NEW LOCATION ( AGAIN :) ): On Saturdays we now meet at IHOP (International House of Pancakes) at 4187 N Oracle Rd. , which is located on Oracle just south of Wetmore in front of LOWES. You can click here for a map from IHOP.

(Unfortunately our favorite location at Coffee Etc. fell through as they went out of business. As soon as we find something better than Village Inn we will move, but for now we are stuck there. They close at midnight on wednesday, and at 2 am on saturday, so keep that in mind, when coming to play. If you are new, or a visitor query the mailing list (tucsongo-list@5z.com) to check that the location is still current. July 17th 2002. Martin Lebl.)

(We seem to be bad luck charm for restaurants, since the Village Inn, which replaced our beloved Coffee Etc. is now also out of business, and so here goes IHOP. Hopefully they will stay in business, so if we move it is because we have a better place, and not out of necessity. February 26th 2003. Martin Lebl. )

(Back to only Wednesdays and Saturdays...updated the webpage to reflect this. Finally I know. February 5th 2009. Martin Lebl.)

How ?
We normally play using the Japanese rules, and we use the Japanese counting. According to the old traditional style there are no komis, and a drawn game is called "Jigo". We can certainly accomodate different rule set (Chinese, Ing, AGA.), but this needs to be agreed upon before a game. We do not use game clocks, and we have some fast players, and we know how fast we play, so that we can easily judge how much time is needed for a particular game. Most of us would be happy to play with a clock, but we do not own any, so if you wish to play with one you better bring it. The above is true for our Wednesday and Saturday meetings, at least for now. On Mondays we mostly use Japanese or AGA rules, with the more modern stipulations concerning ties, komis, etc.

More ?

Even More Soon

We swear I will get around to it. (Site facelift is also upcoming.)

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