What happened to zinc

If you are wondering what happened to zinc in the last few days, here's a quick rundown:

A few weeks ago it seemed we had problems with bandwidth and they went away, so I ignored them. Then last week, the problems reappeared and became very bad. After a year of uptime we had to reboot. Powercycling seemed to help it a bit, and it made it though the weekend. Then monday I noticed files are disappearing. So I figured the net card and the harddrive are going bad. Tuesday when I went to abac net to replace the hd and the netcard, I noticed that there were errors galore and that most likely it might be the controller or the motherboard itself. After replacing the hd and the netcard I rebooted (or attempted to anyway), the bios wouldn't come up. After about 30 minutes of trying different stuff I gave up and took the server home. We ordered a new server and waited until thursday for it. Thursday I unfortunately went to set it up too late and since I had some weird hw problems I didn't get to set the whole thing up. (I also foolishly mistyped the gw address and was wondering why I can't get on the net). Friday afternoon I went in again, put in the right gw address and voila, the server was up. (you might have seen the bogus apache page at that time). Since linux is fully remote configurable I went home and tried to upload the backed up home directories and the site. Since there were some problems with the connection it took me till 2am to actually get the home directories on the server. Now it should all work as it did before, except I guess it should be faster and more reliable since it's a PII266 with 128megs ram and SCSI.

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