Pictures from the Go Congress 2000 in Denver, Colorado

Hi Everyone,

Ok, so they are bit late, but I have finally put these pictures online. Some of them are of a less then stellar quality, and I will most likely cull the worst ones out with time. For now though dig in, and enjoy.


Martin Lebl

Please pick a day to see pictures:
Day: Description of some of the days highlights:
Day 1 Check In, Etc.
Day 2 Picture of some games, and people, etc.
Day 3 Some outdoor pics, and more of gameplay pics
Day 4 Crazy Go Night
Day 5 Chinese Counting, More Outdoor pics, Vendors, etc.
Day 6 Vendors, Playing at Bob Felice's Room
Day 7 Nakayama Lecture
Day 8 Banquet, Awards Ceremony
Day 9 Last Day, Aji Fence, Garden of Gods, Pikes Peak
Day 10 Santa Fe
Day 11 Lava Flow, Indian Rock Art, White Sands

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