Markéta Lebl-Rinnová, Ph.D.

I am a chemist, see my somewhat out of date Curriculum Vitæ. A list of publications is in the CV. Note that most of my papers are under the name Markéta Rinnová. Email:

What is the most important lesson in chemistry? Never lick the spoon.

My husband, Jiří (or Jirka), is a mathematician of all things, and has a lot more things on his webpage. We have a daughter Maia, who does not have a webpage yet. Actually, my husband made this page for me. I probably hate this background color, and I would never willingly put up that picture of myself.

We used to live (on and off) in San Diego ... You know, San Diego, where you can run crazy on the beach (see picture). That is, until you get bitten by a shark, or a stingray (no really, I won't go in the water because of stingrays).

Nowadays we live in Stillwater. Here you don't run on the beach, you run from tornadoes.

For more pictures (of all of us), see our family album (plus other pictures): old album (up till 2007) or the new one (ever since).

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