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Dear Reader,

I am interested in an entry level Ph.D. position in combinatorial chemistry. I think combinatorial chemistry adds a new dimension to the search for new leads in the drug discovery process and has the potential of making a big impact in organic chemistry. I would like to be part of this emerging new field.

I am an organic chemist. My graduate work was done here at the University of Rochester under the supervision of Professor Joseph Dinnocenzo. I worked on a mechanistic problem that required both organic synthesis and the development of new protocol for elucidating reaction mechanisms. After developing a new criterion, I successfully used it to test the mechanism of amine oxidation by cytochrome P-450. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the NSF Center for Photoinduced Charge Transfer here at the University of Rochester. I am working with researchers from Kodak and the U. of R. chemistry department on designing and testing for new reactions and compounds that can be used as photoinitiators.

My greatest strength as an organic chemist is in solving problems and understanding organic reaction mechanisms. I would like to think that this would be quite important in combinatorial chemistry. If you know of any positions that are available please let me know where I can send my CV. Thanks!

Shyam B. Karki, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627
Phone: (716) 275-2219
E-mail: Karki@chem.chem.rochester.edu